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Here’s to a better year!

Posted On: June 8th, 2021 10:15PM

Welcome to 2021!! Lets hope it will be a healthy and happy year. My best to my fellow bar and restaurant employees/owners!! Truthfully, any of you who are in an industry or business that is impacted by COVID, we are praying for you to survive this ugly time in our world.

I appreciate all of you who have supported me for the past 29 years in specializing in North Central, especially in 2020 when we sold 123 homes. I was lucky enough to sell 25 homes over $1 million including a $4.1 million home as well as 36 homes under $500,000.

North Central has prices all over the board, which is why I love this area so much. There has been so much remodeling going on the past two years, which also includes a lot of new construction.

A couple of interesting changes have taken place in the past 12 months, one of which is that is some homes are getting multiple offers, which forces some buyers to waive inspections and appraisal fees. There certainly is a risk in waiving these fees, so please understand the consequences when you do waive certain contingencies. Waiving these rights could place you in a delicate situation.

I am asked what major changes 2020 brought to our market – I feel interest rates and lack of inventory helped our home values soar to all-time highs. Certainly the pandemic will be felt in our market for years to come, so let us hope that things get back to normal within the next five to six months.

Certainly the luxury market is at all-time high in North Central, so if you are thinking about listing your home in 2021 please give me a shout out. I currently have five clients looking for homes between $1 million and $2 million+ on a one-half-acre-plus lot. North Central is no longer the Wild Wild West!! Truthfully, if you have any home for sale in any price range, please call me. We will get it sold for you.

Please list your home with an agent who lives and breathes North Central (ME!!). I will match our neighborhood feel with any local area of town. Please ... please ... stay healthy and take care of yourself and have a happy new year!

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