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Reflections on the heat, holidays and history

Posted On: July 9th, 2022 10:41PM

July in Phoenix is definitely not for the weak, and for those of us who battle the heat and take advantage of its end result, the golf courses are wide open. I did play 18 holes in 2.5 hours; it was 112 degrees. And yes, I did hydrate the day before and applied and reapplied sunscreen.


Our family has always taken long weekends throughout the summer, mini getaways. When the children were younger, it was club sport teams that kept us from longer getaways and now, maybe I am a bit of a very dedicated realtor, another word may be workaholic. Later in the month, I am looking forward to going to Newport and will play Pelican with my brother Michael and my good buddy, Dr Martin Arellano. There is something to be said about playing in 80-degree weather, I may need a long-sleeve.


A couple of months earlier this year, I took a month off and did not write a monthly article. I actually received a minimum of 10 emails checking in on me. Thank you for your kind words regarding how much you enjoy reading about the early years through and including the present. I promise you I will not let that happen again. It is no secret to those in my inner circle that my wife MaryAnn is my editor on my story-based articles. She may have made a few edits for this month. It is very much appreciated and better than our friend, Mary Holden, red-lining the entire article.


My dad Herb moved to Central Phoenix in 1964 and lived here until he passed in 2011. He loved the area and had a few businesses here, Kagel's lady shop (with Geri Aron) and Mr L's at Park Central Mall. He also opened Herb's Underground which was Phoenix's 1st disco located on Clarendon and 1st Ave in 1970. The late, Bill Heywood, a nationally recognized disc jockey (DJ to young folk) directed the dance floor with one turntable.  In 1976, Dad opened up the Jockey Club Nightclub at 2110 E Highland Ave (built by Jerry Hassett, another North Central icon) where I worked after I graduated from Coastal Caroline in 1978 on a baseball scholarship. As some of you know we sold the Jockey Club on Highland and 22nd St in 1985.


Dad then opened another Jockey Club in the former Navarre's Restaurant at 52 E Camelback in Uptown Plaza in 1987 (together with Burt Lewin, Mal and Marsha Straus and Mike Hayes). We had that club until 1995 when we sold our lease to Sweet Tomatoes. The last 5 months at that location we leased the club to the producers of the major movie Waiting to Exhale, which used our club for all the nightclub scenes. The movie starred Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Gregory Hines and Forest Whitaker which was really a thrill for me to see our club on the big screen.


I have said many times in this article that I was very fortunate that my dad chose to live, work and make so many friends, in North Central. It has been almost 60 years, since he moved to the Valley and if he were still alive, he would tell me two things, ‘son, I am very proud of you and your family - and Bobby, you owe me, your father, referral fees for introducing me to all of his friends and family members who have bought and sold homes from me in my 33-year real estate career living in North Central????.’ I actually can hear him saying it right now! 


Have a great summer and please be safe.




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