Max Cunningham

DRE: SA629793000

(480) 203-6405


Hello, Welcome and Thank You for visiting my “Site” and my "About Me" page! 

The First comment I am compelled to make is ... it has always really been about doing great work to help other people gain what they seek; to deliver happiness to whatever extent I can with my qualities and work ethic.

So from essentially the beginning of my working life, my "About Me" has really always been "About You" or more precisely "How or What I can Do ... to Help Improve Your Life".


The philosophy that has remained True throughout my every endeavor is one of Serving Others FIRST, Last and Always and this is how I go about achieving the goals I have in mind and written out for myself.

Why I choose to be a REALTOR...


"Home" really is the basis of where our lives are anchored.

From the memories of Home we cherish as children; It is in the Home that nurturing begins and a Safe Place is established. When we are "away", Home is where we want to return. When we reach that point when it is time to venture out...finding a Home is of Omni-importance.  And once we have found it, we have found a new place of belonging, a place where we can build from and create our safe place again.

Few things in this life have the inept ability to affect so many aspects of our "BE"ing...HOME is essentially the beginning of so many important things in Life!

These are just a few of the great reasons that made choosing to be a REALTOR a natural fit for me.


In a past life (so to speak), I have over a decade of experience building houses...Custom Homes mostly. Additions and Renovations were a part of the mix, as well. I have the hands of a craftsman, the "in the contract" experiences of a Licensed General Building Contractor, the eye to spot quality workmanship and the vision to see "what is not yet there" which comes with that tenure.

To round out my experiences in this Real Estate field is a nearly four year term as a Mortgage Broker, so I also know the nuances of lending as it relates to financing a Home. As a career professional and a Licensed Realtor since 2009...there is truly no better Home for me!


It is no small endeavor to Buy or Sell a Home and most people really need to find someone with the knowledge, the necessary training and exposures, the fortitude and professional concern...the experiences and knowledge to guide them through the process.

It is a great honor to represent and care for people on both sides of their real estate sales experience.  Let's talk and get to know one another. And then, I Welcome You to Put my Knowledge, Experiences, Personal Attention to Detail and Commitment to Work ... for You.

In Gratitude...Sincerely,