Scott Quinn

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About Me

After a few years of working for Architects, Engineers, Planners, and Builders doing the design work and site inspections Scott realized he had very little say in the end product.

In 1996 Scott started as a realtor and teamed up with a Mentor that had many connections.  Working tireless for months Scott and his Mentor were able to put together large master plan community subdivision development agreements.

On their way to a meeting with their largest land holder, the Mentor stated he changed the commission from 10% to 12% for the land contract,  that the Farmer would not mind due to being a good friend of his.

Upon arriving the Mentor and the Farmer hugged for sometime and chatted about the good old days.  After sitting down the Mentor handed the contract to the Farmer.  Within minutes the Farmer stood up and said “Greed kills all deals” as he threw the contract at the Mentor then stormed out to his tractor.

Scott saw millions of dollars disappear before his eyes and years worth of work disapear.  The thousand of acres, the multiple subdivision plans, master plans, and endless meeting with builders were all for not now.

Scott learned that day that “Greed Kills All Deals” and that his focus needed to be on people rather than the greed of a deal.


This is the driving force as to why Skyline Real Estate has been created and partnership made with Fortune Builders.


We are committed to helping people with their real estate needs and making successful deals happen.  Never comprimising our ethics and always staying highly motivated, knowledgeable, and qualified to handle any real estate transaction.



CERTIFICATIONS/ organizations:

APA - Member of the american Planning Association

NAR - Member of the National Association of Realtors

AZREIA - Arizona Real Estate Investors Association

fortune builders mastery inner circle club