Tim Stone

DRE: 01309124

(949) 589-3186


My satisfaction results from helping people achieve the best property solutions for their personal needs. My concept of serving my clients is simple:  It’s all about you and your home … buying a new one, or selling your current residence.    I want us to have a wonderful relationship during a complicated process.  Your needs are my 100% focus.

I intend to listen, and ask some questions, so I understand exactly what you want to achieve.  This is a transaction you will live with long after the deal is closed.  I want you to look back with satisfaction, and when someone says they are considering a real estate sale or purchase, I want to be the name you share with them. 

I handle everything myself ( and use my tech skills to never lose track of anything ), so I am instantly familiar with every situation, issue, and person and can move quickly to prevent any problems. I certainly don’t want to rush you into a decision.    I’m happy to wait, and work, until the deal you complete meets all of your needs.

I am a husband, father, grandfather, and community volunteer. I am also a small software business owner ( 30+ years ), active in my church, a supporter of outstanding education, a veteran, and a technology fan. I have been a Southern California resident  since 1951 !   I have watched the growth throughout the region, and know the amazing opportunities available.  I moved to the Saddleback Valley in1973, and served the community through the schools, churches, homeowner boards, and volunteer activities.

As an owner of multiple homes through the years, and some rental properties, I not only understand property value, but have experience with repairs, remodeling, construction, and landscaping. Although my focus is on the South Orange County (CA) communities, I have assisted people in buying, and selling, properties throughout Southern California. I’ve been around a long time, and that can work for you. I invite you to use my experiences to your benefit, and learn how energetic I can be in serving you with your next home sale or purchase.

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