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Jerry Salyers

Yazmin, I want to complement your teaching style. You obviously recognize that not everyone possesses the same degree of technical savvy. Despite the handouts and step by step instruction there are invariably questions. You are patient in your instruction and your friendly demeanor ensures no one feels “dumb” if they need a little extra help. You keep it light and by the end of class, I am confident that everyone had a pretty good grasp on the material or if not, felt assured they could reach out to you for a little more personal help. I hope everyone of our agents is taking advantage of this training!

Shadi Kian

I find your classes very useful and informative! Your teaching style is simple and comprehensive. Although there are much to learn about HomeSmart Agent Website, I like that you cover each section in details and answer all questions with patience. I certainly recommend these classes to all agents who are willing to utilize this powerful free tool in their business.

Sue Sorrento Larson

I just got off the phone with Yazmin and wanted you and everyone else “in power positions” to know how incredible she is, and has been in the past, to me! She is always warm and helpful, knowledgeable and kind. As Yazmin kept assuring me, “we’re a team” and made me feel so very glad that I chose to be a part of that Evergreen team! Thank you so much.

Carmen Lindemann

HAPPY Yazmin is an enthusiastic, industrious and energetic person who presents with an excellent professional demeanor. She responded quickly to my needs in ordering my SmartNHD and follows up Thank you Yazmin Reyes for making this a stress free and seamless ordering transaction! You’re a Real Asset to Home Smart Evergreen Realty!

Nicole Jones

I just want to shout out how much I so appreciate Yazmin. She is such a great trainer, and I so appreciate her enthusiasm with the agents. She is so well received and liked. In addition, her preparation is second to none. I look forward to having her train in our office once a month. Thank you so much Yazmin!!!

Leti Vacarro

Yazmin did a great job this morning sharing her wisdom about adding our videos to our HomeSmart Websites! Tomorrow she will be doing the same and I hope to have a team of people attend so they can get "hands-on" training from this wonderful teacher! Thank you Yazmin!

Leti Vaccaro

Hello, Just wanted to sent a short email to Agent Services and let you know that I really appreciate Yazmin's professionalism and exceptional customer service. Yazmin is a pleasure to work with and am so pleased we have her and that we have SmartNHD! Thank you!

Damon Dunaway

Yamin has done a wonderful job with informing all likes of real estate agents with pertinent information. She is very patient and always has a smile on her face. She absolutely plays a huge role in the home smart Evergreen team!

Rhoda Rosen

Working with you is ALWAYS a pleasure. You are so well educated and a true "team player". I'm grateful to even know you! You always have a smile and a welcoming way about you. HomeSmartEvergreen is lucky to have you.....

Rhoda Rosen

Yazmin is kind, patient and a wonderful person to have as an instructor. She is highly intelligent and explains everything clearly with a smile on her face at all times. I look forward to any class she is teaching!

Richard Cordova

Yazmin, your service is excellent! You are always there for me when I need your professional service. You are a truly professional always keeping me informed With scheduled meetings. Thank You.

Lou Jenkins

You are among the greatest in the company in being totally customer and agent oriented. really appreciate you being of service. You and your enthusiasm are wonderful and at times amazing.

Agnes Lago

Thanks Yazmin for being so reliable.Your training resource refferals all came in "just in time" -- and of good value and quality. Thanks too for holding live webinars ...they were all good!)

Harrison Long

Thanks, Yazmin, for your excellent presentation and "How to" class today at HomeSmart Evergreen. I always appreciate your cooperation and great help.

Terri Walters

Yazmin, I can always count on you to answer my questions. I like how you use technology to answer questions and show us what to do.

Alisa Scheidel

Yazmin is very professional, timely and committed. She is responsive and follows through on requests. It is great to work with Yazmin!

Brad Wethern

Yazmin's service is really great. She worked above and beyond the call of duty to get me my NHD report. Good job, Yazmin!!

Terri Walters

Yazmin is so responsive! She always responds no matter how simple my question is. She responds quickly every time.

Angela Hackler

Yazmin helped me and did a fantastic job. She stayed with me to the end to make sure I got the information. Very pleased!

Reza Shahraz

Yazmin is always ready to help agents with a nice smile, she is knowledgeable, patient, and very pleasant to work with.

Terri Walters

You are always available and helpful no matter how busy you are with others and other things. Thanks!

Shari Moretti

Thank you for always being so helpful and gracious! What an asset you are to this company! :)

Ed Barmakian

Yazmin is a very pleasant person to work with. I look up to her work skills and ethics.

Terri Walters

You emailed me back so quickly! Helps me be more efficient with my time. Thanks!

George Medrano

You never let me forget about the classes that are available, thank you Yasmin.

Olesya Drozdova

Yazmin is always lightning quick with helping and always has a great advice.

Antonio Razo

Great service great support excellent customer service and good value.

Bill Buss

Yazmin has done a great job in following up on issues I brought to her.

Nicoletta Harmath

Simply amazing and genuine always positive and ready to assist.

Laura Baron

Excellent service...very quick response to needs. Thank you

Ray Andrade

You are too kind. Thank you for your patience and help.

Kim Burnett

This lady is so unbelievable good in all she does!

James Chou

Quickly response and consistent service! Great!

Don Mosich

Yazmin is doing a great job helping us agents!

Thomas Sanchez

Thank You Grateful to have friends like you.

Wednesday Duncan

You were prompt and courteous!!

Robert Fenn

Fantastic! always ready to help!!!

Pete Vahid

Great presentations, and service.

Sima Saeidi

Always prompt and helpful :-)

Melody Hamasaki

So very happy that Yazmin is here to help in time of need. Yazmin is very knowledgeable and very quick to respond. Also, understands exactly what are problem is. Thanks Yazmin!

Saeed Amirinazari

it is a pleasure having such a nice support group at Home Smart specially Yazmin, she brings lots of positive energy to the office and she is always available to help agents.

Joshua Burton

That training was excellent! The RealSmart tools makes things simple and let's you focus on the actual selling and buying part of the job.

Luis Langle

Hello Yazmin, excellent presentation. Your explanation is awesome, a lot of information and tools we can use and make life easier.

Mohammad Raza

Thanks Yazmin for your beautiful message. It surely made my day. You are surely number one in customer service. Keep smiling.

Ann Sarrmiento

Awesome and amazing! Yazmin is awesome and amazing. Very attentive, quick to respond and very kind and gracious.

Matthew Williams

I have enjoyed the training provided and feel the little things like remembering someone’s Birthday goes a along way!

Anthony Fernandez

Yazmin is always a great help with all my questions. It's good to know she is there when I need the help!

Lai Cheng Liew

Yazmin is very efficient and I sincerely appreciate her excellent service in providing the solution.

Anthony Fernandez

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, you’re always a great source of information !!

Amparo Rodriguez

I emailed Yazmin with an issue and she solved it right away.

Mary Lenahan

Thank you for your professionalism and kindness!

Michelle Kovach

Awesome!!! Helped solved my problem quickly!!