Dawn Peterson

DRE: 02032202

(818) 943-1177


Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. With over 1.77 million people in this SFV, I see friends I know all the time. 
At the store, church, having dinner, and home shopping! I went to Victory Blvd. Elm in North Hollywood.

I remember being in the bungalows with no air conditioning for the 5th and 6th grade! Then off to Sun Valley Jr. and then Poly over in Sun Valley. I have raised three amazing strong women and now am the proud grandmother of 3 wonderful grandchildren. Being in the sales industry for most of my life.

I had many clients that I took care of for years. Once I had a client, they stayed with me. I was once asked in a sales meeting years ago by a boss. "If you had the choice of meeting with a potentially large prospect, or running to help a current client, what would I do?"

"Well Duh! I would help my current client!" When the boss said, "No, you go after more business". That was the day I knew I needed to be my own boss. I will always take care of a client before I do anything else! So happy to be in the position to Do That!!!!

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