Pamela Holt

DRE: 01499569

(858) 776-6100


Steven L.

-We Were Lucky We Found Pam, We were Confused in who to Work with. We found her to be Honest, Straight Forward and Great to Work with. We Listed our Home with her, because of A Job Transfer I had. We Needed to put the Home in Good Hands, someone we knew would get it Sold in the Time we Needed. We got More than the Asking Price, which helped for the New Home we were going to. -So I Highly Recommend Pam if you Are Listing a Home, or Buying a Home. She does some Incredible Marketing and is Linked to other Websites. She looks out for your Best Interest and most Important is someone who is Trust Worthy. I Would Recommend her to Anyone. Pam is Great to Work with. Half the Battle is finding the right person to work with. Whether you are Listing or Buying, I Highly Recommend her. Steven L.- Engineer

Julie S.

-If it wasn't for Pam we would have been stuck in our situation. She helped to give us Clear cut Options. She has Experience, she was Able to get our Home Sold Quicker, and for the Right Price. We are Now Releaved of what we Owe the Bank. We Paid the Bank and we were able to Move Forward, and Purchase Again. I was Glad I Met Pam Holt, She is Honest, And has Knowledge to get the job done. She Also helped us on the Buying Side, to Purchase a Home we Really Wanted. -It wasn't Easy there was more than one Buyer, she was Able to get our Offer Accepted. She is Great to work with, I Enjoyed her. She has Experience to get it through and most of All she is one of the only people I Trusted. I Completely Trust her. I Would Recommend her to Anyone. Julie R-. Medical Professional "She Really helped Us!"

Mark L.

Pam Saved Us, we would have lost our House to a Foreclosure Auction, if it wasn't for her help. She Sold my Home as a Distressed Sale- Short Sale, before the Bank Foreclosed. We were behind on our Mortgage. We Actually Waited too long to ask for help. I Own a Business so this wasn't Easy. I had Business Liens Attached to our Home. Pam was Able to Negotiate having the business liens take Less than what was Owed. Then she was Able to get the Bank to take less than what was Owed. -It left Me Free and Clear of Any Liens. Which is Important when you own a Business. I Coulnd't Work, if Pam wasn't Able to get the Liens Settled, or get my Home Sold. Pam was able to Save our House from the Foreclosure Auction. It if wasn't for her we would have had 7 yrs of Ruined Credit. Instead she Negotiated with the Bank and we were Able to Pay the Bank less than what we Owed and be Free and Clear of All LIens. -I Was "Very Happy". She helped us out of a Tough Situation. -I Highly Recommed Pam. Mark L- Commercial Contractor

Laura R.

The Best thing I did was listen to my Options Regarding My Situation. There were Teacher cut backs. I was going to be laid off for awhile. I wasn't sure what the right thing to do was until I spoke to Pam. She helped me to figure out the best thing to do in my Situation. I Almost waited too long, and the Bank almost foreclosed. Pam had stopped the bank from the Foreclosure Aucion just in time, and I was able to Short Sale. She was Able to get a Bonus Back for me. Well time flew by and in a small period time, I was able to buy Again. She helped me to find a New Home. It was hard being in that situation, but I Actually was Able to get in a Home that is more Affordable and less of a Financial stress. So I Am Glad I Short Saled, because it Allowed me to get in a Home that is More Affordable for me, with having a daughter to support. Things turned out well. I Recommned Pam Highly to Work with. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be in my New Place. She helped me find a New Place, and I couldn't have done it with out her knowledge and Expertise. Laura R.- Teacher She was Great to Work With!

Tony M.

We Owned a Larger Home, on a Larger Lot. To Say the least Larger Homes are Always A Challenge. I had Met Pam and Felt Comfortable with her. I knew she would be the Right one to help us. She Listed our Home, and we liked the Results. She Sold it for More than the Asking Price. We were Able to Move Forward with our Plans, for Moving into a New House. Larger Homes are Much more Challenging, She did some Remarkable Marketing and Brought us Several Buyers. We were Very Happy with the Result and Recommend her Highly for LIsting A Home. Tony M. Business Owner