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Paper or ???

Posted On: February 22nd, 2018 4:46PM

Today I had a woman walk in to my office and ask to see a Real Estate Book of the area.  I told her that we do not have Real Estate Books for the area, but that I knew what she was talking about.  I offered to email her some listings that fit her criteria.  "No, I do not have a computer or a cell phone."  Wow!  It really threw me off guard.  So I said "I can print some current listings for you, then you will have the most current and up to date listings that fit your criteria."  She was thrilled!  


It is certainly a different world than twenty years ago, and although there are some Real Estate Books out there (Like Homes Illustrated), the market moves so quickly that those listings may be sold by the time the magazine goes to print.  Also, contracts are sent and signed through email now.  Title work is emailed. Everything in a Real Estate Transaction usually happens over the internet.  


Does that mean you cannot buy or sell Real Estate if you do not have a computer?  Absolutely not!  We can still print out all of your documents and have you sign them with a real ink pen and give you copies.   Later will load them onto our computers and forward them as needed for the transaction. Even title companies can still print all documents and make a file for you at closing. But never fear!  We can still sell Real Estae the old fashioned way if that is your preference.

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