Garrett Pastor

LICENSE: FA100083542
(970) 567-4008


I am a native of Colorado, born and raised in Fort Collins. I attended Rocky Mountain High, and before graduation I enlisted in the US Army. I dedicated 6 years of my life to serve something greater than my myself, OUR Country.
I was assigned to an 82nd Airborne Division (Infantry) in Fort Bragg, NC. Through my six years, I fought in 3 combat tours, and held many positions. After my third combat tour, I wanted to start a family (other than the brotherhood) of my own. So, I returned to FOCO to my family and in search of new meaning and continued service.
I am married to a beautiful, inspirational, hardworking women, and have two daughters. My service continues, as I am Police Officer and Real Estate Agent.
I chose these two professions, as it again, is so much more than me. I get to help people in a time of need and crisis in their lives as a Police Officer. As a Real Estate Agent, I get to bring JOY to people’s lives as they purchase their dream home to start a family or a real estate investment to a better future.
Through my life in the military and now as an officer, I have grown to know that service and sacrifice for others bring a great deal of JOY and SATIFACTION to all involved.
As a (your) Real Estate Agent, I know how to provide service to you and your family, and bring the JOY to your life.
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