Maya Dzvirskaya

LICENSE: FA.100082379

(720) 427-3339


I've been living in Colorado for over 12 years and loved it ever since. I graduated from CU Denver in Business Administration and Marketing. Before diving a 100% into the real estate industry, I spent years counseling and recruiting students at the university level. I've seen beautiful Colorado change and grow and excited for what the city will bring. My favorite Colorado places to go are Keystone, Breckenridge, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and so other small towns that are friendly to everyone. I also love Denver for all its vibrant culture and neighborhoods and its up and coming food scene.

My personal and professinal passion is helping people to achieve their goals and make them excited about new opportunities and change. I also help to discover possible new avenues by providing market research and analysis and resources that I spent years acquiring.

So, for people new to Colorado I am willing to tell more about different aspects of living and accomodation to Denver. For people who currently live here I have some great resources on how to buy, sell, invest, rent, relocate, appraise, or to get free market analysis on properties.

I am availible to answer on your questions and deliver the best result based on your needs.