Lori Roberston-Stoudt


(603) 320-2455


West Warwick

Lori lives in West Warwick and sells in West Warwick, Warwick, East Greenwich, and surrounding areas. Lori's family has over two hundred years of history in Rhode Island. Her great, great grandfather, Mathius Lussier, dubbed "the strawberry king," has been written about in newspapers and books throughout the Kent county area. Lori is related to the Lussiers of North Kingston, particulary Wickford, where her grandmother grew up. Her grandfather, Garnet Nieforth, built a large number of the houses in West Warwick during the great depression and into the 50s and 60s.


Lori has been around real estate and construction her entire life.  Her Uncle is a master carpenter who recently retired and builds fiddles. "I can honestly say I'm probably related to half of West Warwick!" Lori chuckles!!! LOL


Let Lori's knowledge of Rhode Island benefit you!  Call Lori at 401-821-5140.