Brook Gardner

DRE No: 5467861-SA00

(801) 636-2697

About Me

I have been in the realestate Bussiness since 1995 and have enjoyed the flexabuility of the bussiness and the people I get to work with... ok well most of them...

I love to help you sell your homes and find new ones.

I have been in sales my whole life and find the best way to help you is to ask lots of questions, and help you think about things you may not have thought about.

I dont like to be pushy but i do like to be pleasantly persistant.

The best compliment I feel I can get is a referral of a friend or family member.

so if you hear of anyone looking to buy or sell... Please give me a call or drop me a text or email and il take it from there.


Thank you for your friendship.