Call Capture System

Missing your sign calls? Capture all of them with SmartCapture by HomeSmart. Prospects are often hesitant to contact an agent directly for fear of a “hard sell”. SmartCapture overcomes this by directing sign callers to call a number on your listing for recorded information about the property. While callers listen to recorded information about the property, the agent instantly receives a text message and email with the caller’s name and phone number to follow-up with the prospect. Prospective buyers are impressed with the fast response and sellers are thrilled to have instant follow-up on their listing. Utilizing this as a listing tool is also an effective way to secure the listing during your listing presentation.

SmartCapture can also be used as an information line in conjunction with other advertising campaigns. Placing your SmartCapture number in an advertisement with more information about a specific topic or special, drives prospective buyer and seller traffic that would have otherwise not called.

*This tool may not be available in your area


Tool Types: Listing Tools.