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Grow as a Leader in Your Business

HomeSmart COO Wendy Forsythe sits down with Co-founder and CEO of Altos Research Michael Simonsen to talk about leadership and how franchise owners, team leaders and agents can grow as leaders in business and in life.

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Will the Real Estate Market Crash in 2019?

Wendy Forsythe, COO at HomeSmart International, and Mike Simonsen, CEO of Altos Research answer the question, “How’s the market?”

Maximize Your Online Presence and Win More Business

Top Zillow Executive Talks Tech, Relationships, and Growth

From responsiveness to trustworthiness, modern-day customers require a lot from their agents. Matt Hendricks from Zillow Group teaches us how top agents make the biggest impact and creating meaningful relationships in this tech-driven world.

The Importance of Creating Authentic Relationships

Consumers are online more than ever now so how do you still create authentic relationships as a real estate agent? Uncover amazing insight from Zillow Group expert Matt Hendricks on how you can build a valuable connection with customers.

Run a Profitable Business

Learn the five key elements to creating and maintaining a profitable business. From calculating your profit to apps that can keep you on track in real-time, learn how you should be running your business for growth and profitability.

Create Your Business Plan for 2019

Learn how business planning and creating a clear strategy for growth can maximize your profitability. With these four tips you can seize opportunities and reach your goals in the new year.

Succeed Like a Top Producer

Todd Sumney and Wendy Forsythe dive into the mindset of top producers and what makes them so effective.

Hone Your Pitch

The topic that affects your real estate business every single day: how to refine your elevator pitch.

Growing Your Real Estate Business with Richard Raspantini

As a successful real estate professional, Richard Raspantini shares how he helps his agents grow their business and how he continuously finds success as an agent himself.

Effectively Present Your HomeSmart Listing Presentation

This is the second of the three podcast series breaking down the importance of listing presentations. In this episode, we dive into what you should and shouldn’t say in your listing presentations to make the best impression.

Four Keys to Winning Every Presentation

In the first of a three podcast series breaking down the importance of presentations, you’ll learn the four key elements that will help you win over your next client.

Video Marketing Part 1

Learn why video is so effective and how you can implement it in your real estate marketing strategy. Start using videos to create connections with your clients and see a tremendous increase in profits.

Key Elements To Your Facebook Business Page

Optimize your Facebook Business page with these eleven tactics and see an increase in online engagement.

The Importance of Images When Marketing Listings

Images are more important than you might think when it comes to selling a home. In fact, listings with quality photos sell faster and at a higher price than those without. Check out Wendy Forsythe’s tips and tricks on better marketing your listings online with the right photos.

5 Ways Agents Can Better Connect With Consumers

Guest host Emilio DiSpirito explains how he teaches his real estate team five power moves that consistently creates an influx of business and converts leads.

Expect to Win

Need a little motivation to achieve your business goals? This encouraging message will give you the confidence to take the next step as a Realtor.

Text for Success

In this episode of The Real State, Todd Sumney explains the five ways text marketing can work for real estate agents. Learn how to let your thumbs do the talking!