Embracing Technology: Are You Prepared for the Future of Real Estate?


Technology’s impact on our industry, and any industry for that matter, creates a dynamic approach to business. New and improved IT systems, virtual reality and the increasing popularity of social media leaves little to no room to fall behind. Ultimately, remaining stagnant in this technologically driven era will threaten the success of you and your business. Focus on these areas to keep up with the evolving market:

Take advantage of Social Media

Understandably, the concept of actively participating in Instagram, Twitter, etc. may appear adolescent to some. However, with a constant stream of digital content flooding the internet, it is vital now more than ever to fully embrace the trend. While Facebook tends to be a go-to for those not familiar with the newer sites, it is important to diversify yourself and your business across multiple platforms.

According to an article published by WordStream, there are currently 25 million business profiles on Instagram worldwide and ad revenue, from this app alone, is estimated to reach more than $10 billion in 2019. With over 88% of companies actively using at least one social media platform, there is no denying the success this technology has had on business.

Furthermore, whether you are an active social media user or cannot stand the thought of “likes”, “comments” and emojis, the major platforms have made their mark on our social lives and have now, successfully I might add, bled over into the business world. Take advantage of this marketing tool and use it as a resource to brand yourself and effectively connect with your potential customers.

Build your brand

In order to foster relationships with consumers, marketing yourself is essential. Ideally a consistent image is created and used as an effective way of building rapport with your clientele. There are several ways to do this, including:

Solidifying your core values and goals. While real estate is based around properties, it is driven by a person-centered approach to business. Content regarding you or your business should align with values that your consumers feel confident in supporting. Know your audience and your market and build your image around this.

Consistency is key among all online platforms. Just as big brand names have created a recognizable image of their products, as a business owner you should strive to do the same. Focus on using the same style throughout your digital content, the ultimate goal here is consumers automatically recognizing you or your brand. With that being said, stay flexible and keep up on trends. Creating an image and that does not reflect your changing consumer preference does more harm than good.

Immersing yourself in the technological world can seem tedious and unfamiliar, however, in an era that is fueled by the ongoing rise of the internet it is imperative to do so. Familiarize yourself with these suggestions and see how the power of technology can help build your real estate business.

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